12 Vital Things to Follow to Maximize Your Profits in Online Real Money Poker Games

12 Vital Things to Follow to Maximize Your Profits in Online Real Money Poker Games

As in the case of any game/sport, you will occasionally lose in poker as well. The key here is to follow certain practices that will enable you to limit your losses & maximize your profits. Check out 12 key things to follow that will help you to maximize your profits in online real money poker games

In Cash Poker Games

Set A Stop-Loss And Stick To It No Matter What

One of the most important things you can do to restrict your losses in the real money poker game is to set a stop loss and stop playing once you reach it.

Basically speaking, a stop-loss is a fixed amount of money you’re ready to lose without getting emotionally affected. Once you reach this stop-loss, you make sure that you quit the session regardless of any other underlying factors.

Once you mature as a Professional poker player and become skilled & experienced, you can extend the stop-loss.

Observe Your Opponents’ Play Before Joining A Table

Observing how your potential opponents are playing before joining a table is crucial to minimizing your real money in poker cash games. You need to check the actions, tells and gameplay of your opponents before you join a table. For instance, you need to see whether there is any player who is going all-in on every hand. If yes, all your chips could be gone in no time. So it’s better to avoid such a table.

Time-Limit Your Poker Playing Sessions

Keeping a check on the time you spend playing poker can help you save a bucket load of money. Players who start losing while playing real money poker game can get caught up in a vicious cycle if they don’t stop playing after a specific duration of time. Setting firm time limits is the answer to this grave problem.

30 minutes of poker (3–4 tables) is the ideal time limit for a novice poker player to remain focused and play to his/her maximum ability. Once you start playing regularly and become proficient in the game, you can then start extending your sessions by 30 minutes once you feel focused and comfortable in the existing time limit.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Poker can be a game of small margins. Hence, keeping your emotions in check and playing by thinking practically with the best of your ability is vital.

Thinking emotionally leads you to make quick, hasty decisions without careful consideration. Emotional control is a key skill in real money poker as not being in control of your emotions can hamper your ability to make the right decisions, thus impacting your poker game negatively.

Managing your poker bankroll through proper bankroll management can be the solution to this problem. It can help you stay emotionally stable and play sensibly without getting influenced by emotions.

In Online Real Money Poker Games

Try The Freeroll Version Before Playing For Cash

When trying to get regular to play online real money poker, it’s well-advised to first experiment with the freeroll version of free online poker across the interfaces of some of the best real money poker sites. Make it a point to avoid risking money or wasting chips just because you aren’t aware of how the game is played or aren’t accustomed to the interface. Once you become comfortable after playing the freeroll version, then you can begin playing for online poker real money.

Always Be Alert In Online Real Money Poker Games

In online poker real money, you are totally unaware of the skill level of your competitors. You could be facing a complete novice and an experienced professional poker player at the same time. Thus, it’s recommended to always be alert, focused, prudent & smart when playing online real money poker. To put it straight, you don’t want to be pressured into a situation where you are forced to make a mistake & lose money.

Don’t Multitask While Playing Online Poker For Real Money

Some people assume that since online real money poker can be played from the comfort of their home, they can multitask and do other chores simultaneously while playing it. These distractions ultimately result in losing sessions and loss of money. To improve your skills & results in poker on a consistent basis, unwavering focus while playing it is a must.

Opt For Multi-Tabling Only If You Can Focus On Multiple Tables At Once

Engaging in multi-tabling without being aware of your limitations is a sure-shot way of losing money in online real money poker. Multi-tabling is fine as long as you can focus on more than 1 table at a time. Get into multi-tabling once you are comfortable playing 1 table. Also, don’t play more than 2–4 tables at once.

In Tournaments Poker Game

Play A Limited Number Of Hands & Don’t Always Try To Catch People’s Bluffs

In tournament poker, it’s recommended to play a limited number of hands and not just play everything. You can essentially make more money folding than playing whatever hand you get.

Additionally, make it a point to not always attempt to catch your opponents’ bluffs. It’s totally fine to concentrate on your own game and put your best foot forward.

Avoid Re-Buy Tournaments If You Are A Beginner

Play a limited number of hands & don’t always try to catch people’s bluffs
It’s well-advised for beginners to generally avoid participating in re-buy tournaments. These tournaments tempt you with a minuscule buy-in and a disproportionately bigger prize pool. This initial buy-in is totally deceptive in nature.

These tournaments usually comprise smaller starting stacks. In addition to that, there is usually hyper-aggressive play from players who are attempting to get double-ups as fast as possible. Add to it a huge add-on that lures you to keep re-buying, and you’re stuck in a tricky situation. Still, if you manage to make money, you’ll have to get rather close to the final table just to recover your investment. As such, it’s very much recommended for beginners to stay away from re-buy tournaments. Only experts are recommended to try their hands at these tournaments.

Register At The Start Of A Tournament If You Prefer Having A Lot Of Big Blinds

If you are comfortable playing with a lot of big blinds (100–200), then it’s recommended for you to register at the start of a tournament. By registering at the start of a tournament that has an initial starting stack of 2,000 and an initial big blind of 10 gives you 200 big blinds, to begin with. If you wait & register when the big blind is up to 40, you will have to begin with a significantly lesser 50 big blinds.

When it comes to cash players, one infallible way to lose more money than planned during a session is by opting for the auto top-up feature. The auto top-up feature keeps your stack at the level you bought in for. Expert players usually recommend this feature to other players. Their viewpoint in suggesting this feature is that by always having your max buy-in at your disposal, you are able to maximize your profits whenever a double-up opportunity presents itself.

Even though this seems logical, it’s suggested that beginners & recreational players avoid using this feature as it can have calamitous effects. This feature essentially prevents you from knowing how much money you have lost in a session. As is the case for a player with a small bankroll, this is significant information. It’s very much crucial that you know whether you’ve already lost more than half of your original buy-in. By not knowing how much you’ve lost in a session, your bankroll will vanish into thin air in no time.


Poker is one of the most unique & enjoyable games in the world. Even though luck does play its role in the game, there are a number of other nuances that can be utilised to your advantage for winning money. This is where bankroll management enters the picture. To put it straight, bankroll management is one of the most critical things in poker.

Irrespective of the amount of money you’re looking to deposit, bankroll management is something that you need to clearly understand & utilise in a manner that it enhances your entire poker experience.

We hope that our series of 4 articles on poker bankroll management has helped you acquire a deeper insight into bankroll management and will play a part in your journey as a poker player. Before parting ways, we would like to recommend you to have a look at your current bankroll and come up with a bankroll strategy before you play your next game of poker!